Josh Mueller – Biography

Web-Josh_Mueller-0868-EditIt is no surprise Josh has received thank you messages from hundreds of people since his focus for over ten years has been helping others reach their goals, both by setting the example and sharing his knowledge and experience with those who will listen. 

With a sales company that has been in business for over sixty years, Josh is ranked as the #3 career sales rep in company history.  Over the years Josh has consistently exceeded company expectations by breaking numerous weekly, monthly and annual sales records, creating the highest percentage of repeat business from existing customers, and developing, implementing and leading new programs for up and coming sales representatives.  In 2008 Josh was contracted as a direct sales consultant and through his consulting work has helped grow multiple programs by more than double.  He is also known as one of the best mentors and coaches for new and veteran sales representatives in the direct sales industry as his clients consistently experience best ever performances after working with him. 

Through direct sales, Josh has years of experience working business to consumer, business to business and trade shows, leading him to understand the desires, challenges, and needs of salespeople and entrepreneurs.  This unique skill set has also resulted in a successful public speaking career.  He is consistently sought after to speak on topics including goal setting, detailed business and lifestyle planning, prospecting, building and implementing business systems, closing sales, relationship marketing and scheduling to thousands of people across North America.   Since helping develop others is one of the things he enjoys most, Josh’s audiences and mentees find his communication to be straight-forward, insightful, and individualized to their needs.

Josh continues to self-educate.  He has attended seminars from many of the top personalities in the self-improvement industry including but not limited to Tony Robbins, Matthew Kelly and Brendon Burchard.   He has a never-ending desire to learn from authors on subjects such as strategic thinking, professional methods, leadership, communication and mental toughness.

The early years

Josh grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan in a family with five boys.  He was on the ski team and was an award winning informational speaker in high school and was active in school theater from a young age.

After working typical student jobs for years, Josh applied (at the suggestion of a good friend) to work at a direct sales company.  From then on, he was a sales representative while earning his degree in business.  It was the first time he was earning an income based on his work ethic, not an hourly rate, which turned out to be most beneficial since many people say he is one of the hardest and smartest workers they have known.

Josh Mueller


Less then a year after starting that sales position, Josh had his debts paid off and his school paid for.  He continued to excel in sales, started saving and investing, and became a leader and developer of other sales reps for that company.  Josh found helping others succeed gave him more fulfillment than his own achievements, and he has been mentoring and coaching ever since.



“Over the last decade, Josh's speaking and leadership development of top Cutco reps across North America has been one of the most tangibly impactful periods of time in the company's 60 year history. The culture has been forever changed as a result of his leadership.” – John Ruhlin, Owner at The Ruhlin Group


“Josh is one of the most helpful and selfless individuals I have ever met. I have had numerous experiences learning from Josh as a mentor, coach, and speaker. Josh has a unique ability to inspire people to think beyond their self-imposed limitations, and to accurately plan and calculate a path to their goals. Josh is a remarkable leader, speaker, and sales/management talent and would be an asset to ANYONE's social or business network.” – Aaron Ludin, Branding and Referral Expert


“During my years with Vector Marketing I spent time working alongside Josh Mueller on a multitude of projects and as part of special advisory boards. Through this time I witnessed Josh's excellent capacity for Leadership, Creativity, and Work Ethic. He's proven himself to be one of the finest professionals in Vector Marketing/Cutco Cutlery's history. Having founded or been a part of some of the largest direct sales companies in the industry I would say Josh Mueller is one of the best in his field. He has the qualities and traits to be a champion in anything he does.” – Henry Weinacker,


“Josh is one of few who do, vs. the many who talk, about doing great things. I've watched Josh not only lead his company in sales, but at the same time put more energy and effort into helping others than anybody else. Josh is a living example of somebody who gives value to others, with no expectation of receiving anything in return.” – Jon Berghoff, Sales Culture Transformation Specialist


"Josh delivers from the heart!  I have heard many messages over the past 7 years, and Josh always delivers!  If your looking for a high energy message filled with fun and passion, look no further!" – Nick Matlack, District Manager - Vector Marketing