Amiee Mueller – Biography

Web-Amiee_Mueller-2700-Edit-“I love hearing Amiee speak!” is consistent feedback heard from people in her audiences.  When you hear her compelling story of personal achievement you will completely understand. 

Author of “Destination Awesome”, a book of childhood stories and life lessons used to escape her negative circumstances, Amiee is one of those rare examples of a person who grew up in drastically negative conditions and forged a path to a better life.*  Leaving the trailer park behind, supporting herself and paying for college on her own, and being the first in her family to attend higher education, Amiee knows what it takes to climb into a higher social class.

Teaching others how to choose growth and go after whatever they desire for themselves, despite past or current circumstances, is where her passion lies. 

Amiee began in the direct sales industry.  Her own personal sales success lead to her recruiting and developing her own team.   After developing millions in sales in a small area in just a few short years she was promoted to a sales development consultant for a regional headquarters in Austin, TX.  Every year Amiee was on the team the region experienced record growth; more consistent than any other region in company history. 

For over fifteen years Amiee has been coaching and training others, both one on one and from the stage, on reaching their own goals and creating the lives they desire.   She is sought after for topics including group dynamics, social mobility, determination, and personal growth as well as multiple business specific topics.  She is known for delivering high-energy, interactive, content rich message that leave her audience with specific strategies to use on their own journeys toward success and fulfillment.

*Book available in early 2014.


The early years

Amy Mueller

Amiee grew up in a small town in Northern Indiana.  Following a tough childhood, she left home in hopes of a better way of living.  She attended Ball State University where she earned a degree in Marketing, graduating sum cum laude – one B short of a 4.0 GPA. 

During college, she started her first sales job.  She was able to take advantage of the flexible schedule of such a position, allowing her to focus on her education while excelling in direct sales which earned her a large enough income to graduate college debt free; a milestone less than 40% of college students today are able to achieve.   After graduation, she started her own business recruiting and training sales people.  Her business was profitable within a few, short months, and she continued to grow her revenues each year.

Over the years, she has worked with thousands of sales representatives and sales managers providing insights in sales, communication skills, team dynamics, and personal development.   She loves to travel and has delivered messages to audiences in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Colorado, Arizona, California, and New Mexico.



“Amiee always seems to deliver a dynamic and timely message perfectly balanced between personal development and business development that is also motivating.  Every time she speaks, she adds a ton of value to my personal and professional life.” – Jamie Mitchell, Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management


“Amiee’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  Anyone can give a speech but very few possess the ability to truly inspire.” – Aaron Zeller, Liberty Mutual Insurance


“Amiee takes the meaning of connecting with her audience to a new level.  The passion in her words makes a big impact that leaves a lasting effect.  Whether her message is to inspire or inform, her speeches are definitely ones that echo longer in audience’s ears long after the message has been delivered.” – Tim Ortega, District Manager – Vector Marketing


“It is always a privilege to hear Amiee speak. Her charisma and contagious energy leaves a lasting impression on her audience. Even after hearing her speak several times, I still leave more inspired, energized, and motivated.” – Ashley Schroer, Psychology major – Texas State University


"Amiee has been an amazing coworker and mentor for the last 7 years! She is selfless and always listens from an unbiased perspective.  I leave every interaction feeling clear minded and refreshed!" – Nick Matlack, District Manager - Vector Marketing