Success Stories

"Your talk was the best one of the conference. I really needed to hear this message. I've been struggling a lot lately with my thoughts.  YOUR message is the closest thing I've found to help me "cure" my doubts about myself and my beliefs!"

-- Jenni V.

"Hey Josh,  I just wanted to thank you for such an inspiring, informative, and growth oriented weekend. I learned so much from training with you and I am excited as ever to take my business to the next level. Just reading over my notes there are so many things i picked up on that i know will improve how i work with customers and how i manage myself.  You and Amiee are both fantastic people, it was a pleasure to be able to spend the weekend with you guys. Thank you so much!"

-- Matt F.

"This is killer by the way!  Thanks for sharing." (Re: Crafting an Amazing Message)

-- Jeremy R.

"Great audio Josh. Really enjoyed it and will certainly be implementing it."

-- Ryan M.

"Hey Josh!   Just listened to the message. I'm SO HAPPY that you sent this out to us 🙂     I took a ton of notes (as always) and I'm very excited to give my message now. I was a bit nervous before, but I feel more confident now. Thanks!!!"

-- Sally N

Regarding the Crafting an Amazing Message Audio: "Great tips in the audio! Thank you for helping us out with this!"  🙂 

-- Marisa M.

"I really appreciated your hospitality, your encouragement, and your teaching. You are such an amazing couple, and you are both going to revolutionize the way people do business in our company. Thank you for your constant efforts to help people like myself continue to grow!" 
-- Kelly R.

"Hi Josh,  My name is Cody and I was in Austin this last weekend for the convention. I wanted to thank you for all the advice you gave us.  I learned more from you than I would all semester in a college classroom."
-- Cody N.

"Before I went cross training with Josh I was performing above average in every area of the business except referrals. When I was training with him he gave me some tips and his philosophy on referrals and afterwards I saw significant improvement. I broke my record for most referrals multiple times in the following months and consistently got 15-25 referrals.
-- Samantha B.

"Going cross training with Josh was huge for me. Not only did I learn a lot of important tips and tricks for selling, but it stretched my mind to what is possible in business, and helped me get past some limiting beliefs and negativity. Since cross training, I've put what I learned into practice. Not only did my numbers increase over the previous year, but I also had a more positive mindset and a more long term, big picture goal in relating to my customers. I'm excited to continue implementing what I learned from Josh about past customer marketing, and the potential that has to explode my business in the next few years. Thank you for making this cross training program possible."
-- Mandy D.

"One thing that really stuck out to me about Josh was that when I was talking to him about where he was at when he wasn't exactly excelling in the business, he explained the decision he made that changed his path. His decision to commit to a certain amount of sales a month no matter what. I think commitment is the gap between those that are succeeding and those that  aren't hitting goals, dont feel fulfilled, and end up quitting eventually.   Josh helped shine a light on the importance of drawing a line in the sand and saying this is what I am committed to doing this week and it will be accomplished. We were discussing sales, but I feel that Josh has a commitment attitude towards all things in his business that matter: awesome customer service, and a commitment to give back to other reps."
-- Marissa G.

"I have been KILLING IT at shows thanks to field training with you! I have noticed a significant improvement in my level of confidence in the approaches.  Another area of improvement has been dropping down.  I was absolutely HORRIBLE at dropping down, but after watching you it clicked. My show sales in december last year were $3,200.  This year, I am working less shifts and I am currently over 5K with 4 days to go!  I hope that I will have the opportunity again next year because I learned so much in just the two days that I was there.  I am still looking through notes that I forgot I took.  Honestly, the experience was priceless and I am going to do whatever it takes to get invited next year!"
-- Dan R.

"I wanted to thank you for having me come out and train with you. Here's what's happened since the training's. 

I've been able to grow my average order.  We've grown the results of a lot of our bigger shows.  I've hired a assistant to help with my biz.   My passion for servicing customers has increased.   My understanding of business gifts has improved.  I now have a system for tracking, setting, and creating appointments.   I've learned how to keep my energy up from Josh's eating habits.  My confidence and my view of what is possible for me has expanded dramatically.   Also I did manage to have my biggest year to date while taking 9 weeks off.  You rock!"
-- Patrick B.

"As as a full time mom, I spend a considerable amount of time with my two children. As a part-time rep, I'm always looking for ways to work smarter not harder. In March 2013, I went cross training with Josh Mueller. During that cross training we put a huge emphasis on upselling. Upselling was the one thing I dedicated my focus to for the rest of 2013. By the end of 2013 I had completed the same amount of appointments I did in 2012, but sold 33% more than I did the previous year without doing any extra appointments."  

-- Lucinda R.

"Thank you so much Amiee I really appreciate it! Definitely going to put a lot of use in your talk and make it my best year yet!"

-- Amber F.

"Thank you Amiee! Your talk was awesome. Definitely got some great stuff out of it and I plan on using this handout and encouraging others to do so as well. Take care."   🙂

-- David G.

“I was happy to be able to spend a few days to really see the ins and outs of a day in the life of Josh. He runs his business very effectively and it was exciting to see what you can accomplish when you have all areas of the business humming at the same time.”

 Justin G.

“Josh helped me come up with action steps to start building the team in my office.  He also gave me some great tips on marketing to past customers.”

– Michelle K.

“The time I spent with Josh was extremely valuable.  I have to say that it was an amazing experience.  Josh went out of his way to teach and talk about what he does that makes him a top performer.  I would especially like to thank Josh and Amiee for being great hosts and making my trip a memorable one”

– Ryan M., PA 

“All the lectures, tips and literature in the world cannot take the place of actually observing a successful person DOING the job you want to learn to do.  It was also invaluable to be able to immediately ask very specific questions about why he handled certain situations.”

 Monica C., AR

“Josh is amazing at breaking things down to the ridiculous and making any situation understandable. He is a master at the why's behind his business and gives very simple things to implement. If you want to take your business to the next level, I would strongly recommend you train with the best; make the time and investment to go train with Josh!”

 Brett L., TX

“Training with Josh had an amazing impact on not only my sales numbers but also on my attitude and goals.  It allowed me to open up my mind and see that big things really are possible.  His attitude on sales and service were so well thought out and positive, it had a massive effect on my own business.” 

 Chris W., OK

“Amiee planted a seed of confidence in me to become a sales leader and owner of my own company.  Amiee commands a room and has a brilliant low-key approach to leadership that draws out the personal best of each person.  Amiee's technique causes others to dig deep and exceed their own expectations of themselves while working toward their personal best.”

– Aaron B., FL

“Some of the things that I appreciate about Amiee is her inexhaustible work ethic, her ability to find a way to solve any challenge, and her fearless approach to take on challenges and go after goals without being limited by doubt or fear of loss.”

 – Loyd R., TX

“Amiee is an incredible human being, always giving of herself and considerate of other people.  She possesses an eternal optimism and is extremely helpful and organized.”

 – Robert D., CO

“Amiee and I became acquainted through Vector Marketing at a conference in Austin, TX.  I can remember an infinite amount of times that Amiee has impacted my life and my business in a positive way.  She has had an incredible impact on my personal, professional, and financial life”

– Nick M., CO

"Hey Josh, just wanted to say thanks for your message on the audio program for trade show success. It helped me increase my sales results. You rock man."

-- Stephen D., OK

"I just had my first sales presentation after cross training with Josh Mueller, and I got one of my largest sales to date from applying what I learned.  It was totally worth the investment."

-- Emeka O., Canada