3 Keys to Prepare for Driving Repeat Sales


The cost and time it takes to attain new clients are much greater than what it takes to satisfy and generate orders from your current customer base.

Here are three things to consider when you want to drive repeat sales. In fact, these are important keys to implement BEFORE you begin driving repeat business. These are keys to preparing to drive it.

Key 1: Organization of Data

Key 2: Communication with Your Clients

Key 3: Systems for Efficiency and Leverage


Treat your customers like they are valuable now, and they'll become even more valuable in the future. Treat them like they have future value, and they will.

Click here to download a PDF of my notes from this message that you can review for details or even print if you'd like. 

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Frequently Asked Questions—Vast Action CRM

Where do I find tutorial videos?

All Uncategorized FAQs are below

How do I save stuff?

  • The system is built on Auto-Save. For most things, you will not need to click any save or submit buttons. The exceptions include email templates, drip emails, entering a new order, adding people to a trigger campaign uses an “execute” button, and entering tasks and history notes.

What is the RED X?

  • The red X is the delete button. If you hit the red X in the contact’s account, it will delete that account. Hitting the red X to the right of the task or history will delete it. Hitting the red X next to your account information in the “users & accounts” panel will delete the user account. Same for email templates, campaigns, etc. Never hit the red X unless you want to delete something.

How do I change my username or password?

  • After you’ve signed in, click on the gear icon in the upper left of your screen. Then click on “Users & Accounts” in the account configuration section.
  • When you hover over the account you are trying to change, a little pencil icon shows up on the right side of the screen. Click on the pencil to edit account information.
  • You’ll see fields for first name, last name, and email. Underneath those, you’ll see username, password, and advanced settings. To change your username or password, simply click in that field box and type what you want the new ones to be.
  • Advanced settings will show user role.
  • All information will autosave, so you don’t need to click a submit button of any kind. You do not need to close the user edit screen. Simply click wherever you want to go next. For example, if you want to go to your marketing dashboard, click on “Marketing”.

What are the differences in privileges between User, Super User, and Administrator?

  • Admins – self explanatory… they can do/see everything.

    Super Users – can see anything, no restriction on what a super can SEE.  The only difference is that a Super User cannot change administrative settings, like create fields, edit fields, add users, change users, or even see the list of users in the Admin screen.

    Regular Users – can only see accounts for whom they are assigned Account Manager 2, 

    Restricted Users – they’re the same as a Regular User, with the added restriction that they also cannot DELETE anything at all.  All the delete buttons are disabled for them.

Why are some of my email addresses red?

  • A red email address means your contact asked to be removed from the email marketing. That is called an Opt Out or an Unsubscribe. By federal law, you are required to give them the option to unsubscribe and when they do, you have to stop sending them emails. You are not allowed to opt them back in without their permission.
  • The system is designed to not send any emails to red email addresses. 
  • You can query your entire list of people who've opted out by querying Contact details / email / status / opt out.

How do I prepare my spreadsheet for import into the CRM program?

  • See bottom of this FAQ list for detailed instructions.

Can someone upload my contacts and set up my account for me?

  • If you’d rather have a VA CRM support team member do this for you, simply send an email to and let us know. There may be a small fee to do this for you. Also, for Cutco reps, we can't upload a list for which someone else is the assigned ROR by Cutco Corporation.

Does my customer’s information automatically transfer from VectorConnect to the CRM?

  • For Cutco reps, yes! 
  • As long as the data feeds toggle is turned "ON" in your CRM account and your email address on your VectorConnect profile matches the email address on your CRM User account info.
  • Date feeds from VC after the order ships.

Why should I enter additional order details manually after the initial upload or feed?

  • There are a few reasons why it is beneficial to do it manually.
  • 1—You get more detailed information. VectorConnect only hosts the basics.. contact info, order date, CPO, etc.. You can enter much more detailed info… what they gave as gifts, personal notes such as family, career, future wish list, engraving instructions, type of customer (realtor, residential, business gift) etc..
  • 2—You can update any contact info that has changed. If the contact already exists in your system and they are placing another order, you can check to see if the data on the newest order is the same as what you already have. If not, update or add the newest phone #, email, address, personal notes, etc..
  • 3—When uploading a spreadsheet that contains repeat orders (for contacts already in your system or prospects who will now be customers, and the prospect was already in your system), the system does not merge those accounts. So one of two things happens: you either tell the system to ignore duplicates, in which case, it will not upload any updated info OR you don’t tell it to ignore duplicates, in which case, it uploads a new account and you have two accounts for the same contact. It’s always better to enter new orders manually after your initial upload (or pay someone to do it for you)

How do I enter a new account?

  • Click on the + sign at the top of the page by the search box. Enter the contact info. Click continue. Fill in any other info you have

How do I add a client to an existing drip / trigger campaign?

  • Go into the contact's account you want to start the drip for.  Click on the plus by "campaigns" in the left panel.  Choose the contact, sender profile (which signature and from email address it will be sent from), which drip to add them to, execution date (usually today), and execute. Then you'll see the emails in that drip series populate that 'campaigns' area.

My email isn’t sending. Why?

  • Things to check:
  • Pick a time and date to send the email that is in the future.. even if it is only 15 minutes in the future. Do not leave it as the time when you came into the sending platform. And remember the system is defaulted to Eastern Standard Time, so if you are in a different time zone, please compensate for that difference in the time you choose. Example: If you are in PST and want your email to go out at noon, please select 3 PM in the system.
  • Is your sender profile completely set up? (name, from email, address, etc.) Check this in the bottom left of your marketing dashboard
  • Is the email address you are trying to send it to in the system as a contact? 
  • Is the email address you are trying to send it to in more than one contact? If so, the system gets confused and won't send it at all. It doesn't know which to pick. Delete the extra contact accounts containing that same email address OR delete that email from those accounts.
  • Do you have the capability to email? Is it part of you monthly plan? Are you over your monthly limit?  If you are not sure, email us, we are happy to check for you.
  • Did you copy the email design into the template?  Sometimes code that comes in with a copy/paste (which includes text, formatting, photos, etc.) will bloat the email size and will not send. Typically, copied in images don't work. You'll need to upload the images into your library and add them to your template.
  • If your email "from" address is Yahoo or AOL, your email may not deliver at all. Those platforms recognize 3rd party senders and deny the deliverability in many cases.

Why does my email go to the spam folder?

You'll probably never be able to get away from it totally, because the law requires you to have the unsubscribe option, and spam checkers look for that as one of their detectors of possible spam.

Also, some email addresses (especially ones that end in a company address or a school address such as or .edu) set higher spam filters. So even though your email might deliver to a different inbox, it may still get sent to spam for those higher filtered settings.

Things to consider when creating your emails (that increase your spam rating):

  • use of words like sale, free, deal, discount, bonus, etc. and the more times you use them in one email, the higher the rating
  • using ALL CAPS
  • using a lot of exclamation points
  • using symbols instead of normal text.. like stars, hearts, etc.
  • There are other things which you can research online, and the web is always changing, so the best you can do is try to avoid the things above as much as possible, ask your clients to save your email in their contacts, and keep sending. There is nothing you can do to avoid being sent to spam 100% of the time.

How do I view colors of the products on previously entered orders?

  • Go to the saved order you want to look at and click on the pencil icon to the right of the CPO number. It will open up a box in which you can edit your order AND view the color that was assigned when the order was originally entered.

How do I edit a previously entered order?

  • Go to the saved order you want to change and click on the pencil icon to the right of the CPO number. It will open up a box in which you can edit your order. When finished editing, hit “save”.

Can I create my own trigger campaigns?

  • Absolutely yes. There is no extra charge for that; it is part of your system.

How do I get access to the prewritten trigger campaigns / drip emails for realtors?

  • Currently, there are email campaigns for realtor clients (6 emails), realtor prospects, (8 emails) and a re-order client campaign (5 emails) that is the same as the other client campaign but without the first “thank you” email.
  • There is also a business gift client email campaign (5 emails) which is identical to the realtor client campaign except for a few word changes so it doesn’t say ‘realtor’.
  • To have these emails uploaded to your own marketing dashboard, it is a one-time $100 fee. Once you have them, you can edit and customize them as you see fit.

How do I check my email stats?

  • To see stats including delivery rates, open rates, click through rates and on which links, bounces, and opt outs, go to your Marketing Dashboard.
  • Scroll down to “Marketing Sent Box”
  • Hover over the email you would like to see stats on and you’ll see a little circle with three dots in it appear on the right side of the email row.
  • Click that circle and it will open up your email stats screen.
  • To see which emails bounced, opted out, clicked on links or viewed your email, simply click on the corresponding gray box above the graph. If you want to see which contact that email belongs to, copy the email address and paste it into your search bar.

How do I Query?

  • In general, it will get easier as you get to know where the data is in your system. For example, in most accounts, the name, email, phone, and birthday are stored in “Contact Details”, the address, company name, and company description are found in “Account Details”, the first and last order dates, lifetime CPO, lifetime orders, owns, and wish list are in the “Orders” category, the date created or modified are in the “System Details” and the status, type, tags, lead source, and other rep created fields are in “Custom Fields”.
  • Choose the information you want to search by and hit “search”

How do I search more than one category at once?

  • After choosing your first category, hit the + sign to the right of that row and another row of choices will appear below your first search category.
  • Here is an example of what it could look like to search Service Requests in the Residential contact accounts within a certain mile radius of zip 48362:
  • Line 1: Custom Fields / Status / is / Residential. Line 2: Custom Fields / Tag / is / Service Request. Line 3: Account Details / Zip Code / Within 60 miles of / 48362
  • Example of Realtor Prospects with email address on account: Line 1: Custom Fields / Type / is / Realtor. Line 2: Custom Fields / Status / is / Prospect. Line 3: Contact Details / Email / is not blank.

Can I align pictures to the center of the email? Or is it just left/right which are choices in the image properties panel?

  • In the picture field itself, only L and R. But once the image is in the email, you can highlight it or put your cursor next to it and choose center alignment in the normal menu bar.
  • If it doesn’t look centered in the editor, send yourself a test email. It should look centered in the actual email that comes through.

Can you attach or upload PDFs or Videos to emails?

Does “rep + 1 assistant” on the sign up page mean I get an assistant to help me with my administrative or calling work?

  • No. That means you get a distinct user sign in account for you and 1 assistant. That way if you only want your assistant to be able to use the system but not adjust any account configuration details, you can make yourself the “administrator” and your assistant a “super user”.

Can you send the user tip emails to my assistant too?

  • Send an email with your assistant(s)’ name and email address. We’ll get them added to your account and added to the user emails. OR you can just forward to them the emails we send to you.

 I'm having trouble saving my email template. What should I do?

  • Some of the most common errors are:  beginning in the "send email" tab rather than in the "create template" area.  Make sure you are creating a template if you are saving it.
  • Did you name the template?  The first empty box in the top left of the email canvas is for the name. It will not save if it's blank.
  • Sometimes having a weird character in the name or the subject line will also affect it.  It's worth trying to remove it, if you think this applies to you.
  • If you let the system sit too long and it times out (logs you off) and you try to save something when you come back to it, you'll get a long error message.  Any time you step away from the CRM, it is good to log out. If you don't, simply log out and back in when you come back to it.
  • If you spent a good amount of time on a template, and you think there is even a possibility it won't save properly, simply "select all" then "copy". Then save it. If it didn't save right or at all, you can open it back up or a new template, and hit "paste" and all of your work will still be there to try saving again.


Prepping Your Contact List for Import

While you are creating a list that will be uploaded to a database, there are a few things to keep in mind that will be very helpful in creating a list that will not cause upload errors.

Tips for prepping list:

  • Keep all columns to only one piece of info each.  So if there are more than 2 phone numbers for a contact, have 2 phone # columns (phone 1 and phone 2).  Do not put two numbers in the same column. Same for emails, addresses, etc.  Also for any tags you'd give them such as "gold client" or "service request".  Put them each in their own columns; not in one tag column.
  • Make sure the column titles are different for every column.  So Phone 1, Phone 2, Address 1, Address2, Tag 1, Tag 2 as opposed to Phone, Phone, Address, Address, Tag, Tag.
  • Only put the particular type of info in the appropriate column.  i.e. don't put notes in a phone # or email column. Don't put phone #s in a zip code column.
  • Make sure all numbers are positive, not negative. Remove any negative numbers.
  • Make sure all dates are real dates.  If it's a date that was filled in by a system such as 01/01/1100, delete it.  Weird dates will bog an import down. Blank is better and you don't need to import fake dates anyway.
  • Save your list as a CSV file. Go to “Save As” and choose CSV as the type of file. The system will not import excel files. However, you can prepare the entire list in Excel and then just convert to CSV before import.

Suggested columns for your upload spreadsheet:

(You may not have all of these columns and that is okay. These are the most popular columns. There are a few additional columns you can have as well. If you have questions, send us an email at

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Phone 1
  • Phone 2
  • email
  • Company name
  • customer status (such as prospect, customer, lead, or former customer)
  • contact type (such as realtor, residential, business gift, lender, link request from show)
  • Lead source (such as fair/show, realtor event, realtor team meeting, referral, website)
  • first order date
  • last order date
  • # of lifetime orders
  • lifetime CPO
  • Notes
  • birthday
  • anniversary
  • Owns and WL (in same column if you are using "notes" for something else. If you are not using notes for something else, you can put them each in their own column)
  • For a show name, I would use a tag.  Create a column titled "tag" or “tag 3” (if you already have tag 1 and tag 2) and put the show name in each of the rows for people who came from that show.  Make sure the show name is identical in each row or you'll get multiple tags because the system will read variations as different show names. So, if it is State Fair of TX, make sure each row says that. In other words, do not use SFTX, TX Fair, Texas Fair, State Fair of Texas, or you’ll end up with 5 different tags for that one show.
  • If they are from a show and they are Service Requests, then create a second column titled "tag 2" and put Service Request in those rows.  Then you'll have a tag you can search for anyone who is currently wanting you to stop by to sharpen. Once you've scheduled them, you just remove the tag. Simple.

Hope that helps 🙂



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Members Only – Post Card Example – SALE – Christmas in July – Oversized Post Card

Sale Post Card - Christmas in July


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Members Only – Post Card Example – “You Get an A+” SALE – Oversized Post Card


A+ Sale Post Card Front_oversized








A+ Sale Post Card Back_oversized









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Members Only – Post Card Example – “Around” Event Invite – Standard Size Post Card

Around_Event Invite Post  Card Front_Standard size













Around_event invite post card back_Standard size

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Members Only – Email Example – Home & Garden Show Invite

Email Example - Event Invite H&G Show

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Members Only – Email Example – Event Invite – “I’m not going to be at event”

Email Example - Show Invite - Not going to be at show


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Members Only – Post Card Example – Event Invite – Oversized Card

Event Invite_Post Card_Oversized Front

Event Invite_ Post Card _Oversized_ Back

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A Successful Catalog Program for Vector Reps – Part 2 of 2

Part 2 or 2  - How to Have a Successful Catalog Program


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Cutco Catalog Program - Part 2


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